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The main purpose of the pressure sensitive adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of viscous material, was widely used in many ways, it has the following several aspects: the main purpose of
1. The production of electronic components: pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied in electronic components, such as the transistor, integrated circuits, etc. It can help to prevent the damage of the machine, reduce the error produced by vibration influence, can be in high temperature, low temperature and humidity conditions and is not affected.
2. Process manufacturing: pressure sensitive adhesive can fill or fixed parts or components in industrial production. In this application, pressure sensitive adhesive ability of viscosity is very important, to ensure that they will not move after fixed or loose.
3. The medical field: pressure sensitive adhesive is widely used in medical field, can be used for all sorts of medical apparatus and instruments, the wounds of the nature of the patch, bandages, etc. Due to its characteristic viscosity, can prevent the bandages fell, highly breathable, damaged part in avoiding excessive moisture, also can stick or laminating.
4. Label: pressure sensitive adhesive was often used for labels and packaging, such as food packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc. It can ensure the labels and packaging is not easy to loose, in the process of transport and handling is not affected, and easy to off.

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